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Image Gallery RULES
« on: September 14, 2009, 12:50 PM »

Welcome to Image Gallery (r) ! Please Treat The Forum With Respect. (r)

There Are Some Ground Rules to Abide by:

1- Be respectful to the Topic Starter, and stay on topic. Idle, diverting, chitchat kills a thread.

2- Do not share profane, obscene, or spiteful images or any images with nudity. (Keeping in mind that these pictures should be appropriate enough to be seen by people of all ages)

3- Do not share images featuring phone numbers, e-mail addresses & personal information.

4- To share Images aiming at promoting, representing or advertising any other forum is not allowed.

5- Pictures that offend any religion/sect/race are not allowed.

6- Moderators have a final saying in editing, moving or deleting threads or posts. No user can challenge the authority of moderators after making any thread in the section. However a user can complain in support/help section if he/she has a right and just objection.

Any violations of above rules may result in the posts being removed or edited and the thread deleted (as the case maybe). Repeated violations may result in temporary banishment, permanent banishment or additional restrictions imposed by the Admin.

Happy Posting (r)

Best Regards:
Wrong Turn