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MuLan, the Chinese Woman Warrior
« on: January 30, 2010, 11:17 AM »
lemme share our very own chinese fairytale ....MuLan, the Chinese Woman Warrior  :)

Mulan tries to please her father and family. Mulan is supposed to go to get herself ready for the matchmaker.
Then she got dressed and cleaned and was ready to go to the matchmaker.

At the Matchmaker's place the cricket Cri-Kee(her grandma gave her) flew out of the cage and then flies around her.
The matchmaker asked Mulan to recite this poem and she did but cheated because she wrote what she supposed
to be saying in her arm. Then the match maker grabbed her hand and right on the writing and got ink in her hand.
Then the Matchmaker asked her to pour the tea. The matchmaker put her hands (which had ink) on her face
Mulan looked at her and poured the tea on the but she realized she poured it on the table. She poured it in the teacup.
Cri-Kee was in the teacup. Then the matchmaker took it and then trouble begins. The matchmaker was mad at Mulan.
"You may look like a perfect bride but you will never bring your family honor!"shouted the matchmaker in fury.

Mulan was dissapointed because she she messed up and she wanted to bring honor to her family.
Then Mulan sat in the garden. Her father came and didn't yell or blow up at Mulan. Instead he commented on the blossoms.
Then the emperor's consel came and announced that the Huns are invading China and that every male member
from each family must serve in the imperial army and handed out conscription notice for each member.

Mulan dosen't want her father to go because he is old and she dosen't want him to die in a war.

At night when everybody is sleeping Mulan goes and steals her fathers notice and his armor.
Then she disguises herself as a boy and ran away from home. Then she arrived at the camp.

Mulan's grandmother said the prayer to the ancestors. The ancestor heard her prayer and decided to send a family guardian.
They called Mushu to wake up the Great Stone Dragon. Mushu tried to wake up the Great Stone Dragon
but he hit it's ear with his gong and then the whole Great Stone Dragon broked. It's head was intact.
One of the ancestor asked if the Great Stone Dragon awakened. Mushu pretended he was a Great Stone Dragon
with it's head on. That ancestor didn't find out it was Mushu. Then Mushu fell with the head of the Great Stone Dragon
and was in big trouble.

Then Cri-Kee came and Mushu had a great idea. His idea was to make Mulan a war hero and the
ancestors would beg him to come back and be a Guardian. So he and Cri-Kee ran off to find Mulan.

Mushu found Mulan and they go to the camp. "Soldiers!"he called to get everybody's attention because they were fighting.

"He started it!"they all pointed at Mulan.

"What is your name?"asked Shang.

Mulan didn't make up a name. Mushu tried to come up with names for her. Shang was impatient.
Finally Mushu got a name for Mulan.

"My name is Ping."said Mulan.

"Let me see your conscription notice,"said Shang

MThere at the camp Captain Shang trained the solders. The hardest thing ever was getting the
arrow from the post with these two heavy weights strength and discipline. Mulan tries to get the
arrow with strength and discipline. She worked hard and finally got the arrow.

Mulan went into the pond to bathe. Mushu was worried that other guys in her camp might find out she is a girl.
Mulan said, "Mushu if you so scared then go stand and watch."

Mushu said mockingly,"Stand and watch while I blow out my big secret with my girly hygene."

Then the guys from Mulan's camp comes rushing in the pond. Mulan tries to hide but they found her.
Mulan tried to go. Ling apologized to her that he and the gang were acting like jerks to her.
Chein Po introduces himself. Yao was still being a jerk.Mulan tried to get away from the gang.
Mushu bit Ling and then he looked and thought it was a snake and ran. Mulan, Cri-Kee and Mushu escaped.

Mulan reached the camp. Captain Lee Shang and the emperor's council were argueing.
Shang said the recruits are finished training but the emperor's council argued that they are not good enough to battle.
Then Shang left the tent. Mulan saw him and said,"You hold him and I'll punch, I think you are a great captain."

Shang left.

Mushu appeared and said,"I saw that. You like him..." He ordered Mulan to go to her tent.
Then he and Mushu goes and sneak in the emperor's council's tent. They wrote a letter that is from the general.
Then they went and made a pretend solder on a panda and find the emperor's council.
The panda ate the emperor's council's slipper and he screamed. Mushu gave him the letter.

Then the emperor's council told Captain Lee Shang the news.

The next day everybody went to where they supposed to meet the general They came across a town reduced to ashes.
The emperor's council called Shang and Chein Po gave him the general's helmet and said,"the general,"

Shang was sad because his father the general got killed. He ordered everybody to go back.
When they were walking back a cannon went off. Mulan looked back and saw
Mushu pointing at Cri-Kee for blasting that cannon.

Everybody heard that. Shang demanded,"What happened?" Then he shouted,
"You gave away our position!" He got hit by an arrow and the Huns were charging foreward to attack.

Then everybody tried to blast cannons at Shan-Yu but they failed. Shang order to save the last cannon.
Mulan grabbed that last cannon before anyone could stop her and shot it the highest peek of the snowy mountain.
All the snow fell right on the Huns and was advancing towards them.

Mulan rescued Shang and she almost fell of the mountain when Chein Po, Ling, Yao and other soldiers saved her.

"Ping, you are the craziest man I ever met,"said Shang. "With that I owe you my life."

"Let's hit it for Ping!"

Then Mulan was hurt. That is when trouble comes. Mulan got treated and then everybody found out that she was a woman.
Mulan told them that she did it to save her father. In chinese law for a big lie you get death penalty.

Shang didn't kill her. Instead he ordered the troops to go back to China and left Mulan alone.
She was sad and had to face her dad which is not a pretty picture. Mushu tried to cheer up Mulan.

Then the Huns popped out of the snow. Mulan saw that and decided to go to China to warn
everybody that the Huns are still alive. She went back to China to find Lee Shang.

In China everybody was celebrating the victory of Lee Shang and his troops.
Mulan finally found Lee Shang and warned him that the Huns are alive and they are going to attack China.
Lee Shang didn't believe Mulan. Mulan said,"You trusted Ping. Why is Mulan any different."

Mulan warned everybody but they won't listen to her. Then she run to tell the emperor that the Huns are alive and are invading China.

Mulan ran to warn the emperor that the Huns are going to attack China since everybody isn't going to listen to her.

Captain Lee Shang presented the sword of Shan-Yu to the emperor. When he was about to give it to the
emperor a bird flew and grabbed it and dropped it at Shan-Yu. He caught it and jumped down to attack.

Everybody realized that Mulan's warning was true. Two other Huns leaped out of the lion costume and ran.
Shan-Yu got the emperor and the other two Huns closed the palace door.

Captain Lee Shang and the other soldiers then tried to opened the door to get the Huns with a a statue of a lion but they couldn't.
Mulan whistled to get their attention.

"Hey,guys, I got an idea!" called Mulan.

Mulan got Yao, Ling and Chein Po disguised like women. She got dressed into her normal clothes.
They went and try to distract the Huns. Ling dropped an apple. One of the Huns picked it up and gave it to him.
Then Mulan, Ling, Yao, and Chein Po attack them. Mulan ordered Chein Po to get the emperor.

Lee Shang fought Shan-Yu and when Shan- Yu was about to get him Mulan got Shan-Yu's
attention by showing him she was the soldier who took his victory away.

Shan-Yu attacked Mulan. Mulan tried to escape from him. Then she climbed on to the roof.
Shan-Yu got on the roof to attack Mulan. Mulan got her fan.

"I think you are out of ideas!"said Shan-Yu menacingly.

He threw his sword at her and it penetrated through her fan. Mulan took Shan-Yu's sword and tripped him.
Then she got his sword and stuck it at his clothes. Then she order Mushu to blast a firework at him.
Mushu did as Mulan ordered. Mulan ducked and the firework blew Shan-Yu away.

Mulan ran off the roof and fell right on Lee Shang. Mushu and Cri-Kee fell too.

Then the emperor came.

"I heard a great deal about you Fa Mulan," "You took your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonate a soldier.
Disobey the Chinese army and destroy my temple and you have saved us all."

The emperor bow to Mulan and soon everybody bowed to her.

The emperor offered Mulan a job as a member of his council but she wanted to go home.
He gave her the sword of Shan-Yu so everybody will know what she had done for China and his royal crest.

She came home and showed her father the emperor's gifts.

"The greatest gift in honor is having you as a daughter,"said Fa Zhou.

Mulan brought honor to her family.